Growing up in the pre-Google age I didn’t have the exposure to engineering careers due to my family’s profession. I played with Legos, Knex, and even had a 1-100 electronics project kit. But I did not know what career paths there were that related to my passion as a kid. Now I am an Electrical Engineer for an aerospace firm and I want to help others similar to my position as a kid and help those with dreams. Tinee9 was born.

Tinee9 was created to help those people come up with ideas through electronics and technology. Those ideas can vary from deciding what kind of career path to take to coming up with a new invention that could help humanity in a positive way.

It starts with the basic building blocks of engineering: Scientific Method, Basic Toys, Fun Books, Discovery, Current Tech. Then Tinee9 will move onto more intermediate items: Electronic Kits, Project Planning, Basic Engineering Books. Lastly, Tinee9 will finish with more advanced items: Follow through of projects, more technical material education, and product development.