How to Go from Concept to Prototype: Part 1

Most people have a great idea that comes to mind. You want to create it but something gets in the way. It may be that you have to much functionality, don’t have direction, or don’t know what components to buy. I am going to talk about in 3 parts on how to go from conceptContinue reading “How to Go from Concept to Prototype: Part 1”

Entertaining and Educating the Engineer Minded Child….Even Though You Are NOT an Engineer or Scientist.

I didn’t have Google or parents that exposed me to science and engineering. I reached adulthood and felt behind my colleagues in electrical engineering. Here I give 5 tips of what I would expose my two kids to science and engineering.

UltraSonic Sensor Tutorial #1: How to Use HR-SR04 Sensor

A tutorial about the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor, how to use it with arduino, and how it could be used for Drone obstacle avoidance and landing.

Arduino Controlled Motor ESC

A simple tutorial of Controlling a motor ESC with an arduino nano.

Accelerometer Tutorial #2: Basic Earthquake Dectector

Using the accelerometer in a practical way for earthquake detection instead of just receiving data.

Accelerometer Tutorial #1: Working with an Accelerometer

What does an accelerometer do? Tinee9 has a number of accelerometer arduino instructables to help you understand what they do and how to work with Tinee9’s accelerometer module.

Accelerometer Tutorial#1: Working with an Accelerometer

Accelerometers are used in a lot of different type of electronics. Such as: Phones, Bouncy balls, Drones, fitness trackers, Cars, etc. Here we learn with an arduino nano how to work with an Accelerometer.