DJI Drones

DJI drones are a superb drone. Back 4-5 years ago when I built my own drone, I built it based on DJI frame they sold many years ago. I was able to get 9 minutes of flight time. It was the size of the DJI Phantom and it held a Gopro 3 on it. It had some vibration issues over time due to crashes and me gorilla gluing it back together. My drone with everything but no FPV ability was ~$300 Below is a video of me and my family launching a model rocket. The Drone was able to capture the launch and the parachute bringing back the rocket to safety.

Now for a $100-$200 dollars more you can get a drone that fits in your hand, gets 17 minutes of flight time, some cool hand gesture features, and a much more crisp video with the DJI Spark.See video below.


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