About the CEO

TJ Schramm, CEO of Tinee9, grew up in Los Angeles, California. As a child, he enjoyed creating sturdy LEGO star-ships that would defeat alien warlords. He also build 12 foot tall billboard signs out of K-Nex. TJ’s parents’ profession is in the financial world. At one point he thought he would go into his dad’s business. He excelled in math and science naturally, but by the time he was in High School, his parents could no longer help him with his math courses. At that point, he realized that the financial world was not hard enough or exciting enough as a career.

Since he was no longer interested in the financial world, he looked for a different career path. Unfortunately, with family heritage full of finances, arts, and police, knowledge of other careers were not well known. During this time the internet was a new thing and dial up was not fast enough to be worth quickly checking Google for other careers….oh wait Google was not around yet. TJ’s freshman high school career placement test, said that he would be a janitor…….um Test was Broken……

In high school TJ worked on creating a single piston air powered motor. He got it to perform a couple of revolutions but the tricky part was getting the right amount of air into the chamber at the right time….he needed electronic timing……

During TJ’s time for looking for a career, he looked into being an architect, then a physicists, and then one day came across a Mechanical Engineer. The mechanical engineer talked about building robots which immediately hooked him to wanting to become an engineer.

TJ went to Brigham Young University in Provo Utah to become a Mechanical Engineer. He enjoyed his CAD and Material Sciences classes but one day an intervention happened. Stumbled across Electrical Engineering. During that time he could manipulate mechanical things with electronics. Sold!!! Remembering back when he tried to make the air powered motor work. One thing by the end of his college education he wish he had more exposure to, THE ENGINEERING WORLD.

Now after work for an aerospace engineering company for 5 years as a project engineer and hardware designer, TJ want’s to inspire others to invent things to better the world through technology. He decided to make Tinee9 which represents technology’s path: Smaller, Faster, Cheaper.