Nutrition #1 Basil

Basil or Ocimum basilicum is a leafy green plant that has many wonderful and beneficial properties. They are also fairly easy to grow and can be cut to make more Basil plants.

The most beneficial part about this plant, in 5 grams of chopped leaves, is the 27% of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is said to help with preventing blood loss from a cut by improving blood clotting. Also K can help prevent heart disease, and build strong bones.

At Tinee9 we are growing a variety called Lemon Basil and in 49 days after planting the seed, we have been able to take our first cuttings and replant the stems to grow more Basil. Also we have been able to taste our first leaves for our dinners.

What does fresh Lemon Basil Leaves taste like? Well they have a slight initial bitter taste to them but then as the bitter subsides, a minty lemon flavor lingers on your tongue for a long time. It is refreshing and satisfying.

Basil is typically used in Italian pesto dishes. But that is not all you could use them for. You can also pair Basil with fish, poultry, or vegetables.

In our recipe section you can find a recipe that uses Basil.

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