UltraSonic Sensor Tutorial #1: How to Use HR-SR04 Sensor

A tutorial about the HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor, how to use it with arduino, and how it could be used for Drone obstacle avoidance and landing.

Drones: Search & Rescue

When you think of drones, it is either military or commercial toys that you don’t want spying on you. But there are good uses for drones that are not toys or military drones that will blow things up. One of those uses are for Search and Rescue Operations.

Arduino Controlled Motor ESC

A simple tutorial of Controlling a motor ESC with an arduino nano.

RBG LED Tutorial #1: Arduino

*Tiny9 or Tinee9 are the same company just working out the kinks in the business name. *Please subscribe/follow my blog. *This instructable is considered a beginner level tutorial with some knowledge of software. (Ardruino) *Caution LED light is bright and may give eye irritation to though who are sensitive to bright light. Step 1: TheContinue reading “RBG LED Tutorial #1: Arduino”