Initial Development of a Medical Device

While on my journey to educate people about electronics, technology, and drones, I came across an idea, which was inspired by the death of a co-worker at my aerospace company during work.

The idea so far in development is a glorified sports watch/band that tracks your heart rate and oxygen stats. Eventually it will include and track a more health stats. All these stats combined will help save the lives of those like possibly my co-worker if place on the patient.



Unfortunately, as seen above the proof of concept circuit is bulky and thick. Not very convenient of a product, but luckily this not the end product and very early in its development.IMG_20180519_220906

To start the development process, I have decided to start with the arduino nano platform which I am familiar with. With the arduino platform I am flexible with the software, it is familiar, also there is a lot of libraries out there for the devices I want to use. The devices I have initially picked are a Bluetooth device to connect my phone so the user can read the health stats, a particle sensor, and a battery. Below are pictures with links to Amazon for the modules I used. (no battery in the links)

After putting it all together I was able to get  a heart rate reading sent to my phone via bluetooth. My goal is to get enough money to hire a patent lawyer to patent the idea which I hope to share with you my readers in the future. But for now I will just show the progression of what it looks like and basic functions of the eventual product that will save people’s lives.

Below is a practical use of the device.IMG_20180520_115509


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