Little Bits vs Sparkfun Review

As I started my company last year initially making modules for Arduino or Raspberry Pi platforms I wanted to make a module that was as small as possible, have the ability to connect to it via stacking or planerly, and simple. As I started selling I already knew about Sparkfun but found Little Bits. There are some pros and cons about each of these companies and that is what I wanted to do a review on to show you the difference between the two companies.

Sparkfun ScreenShot

Photo: Screenshot of Sparkfun website


-Thousands of Modules

-Lots of software and hardware documentation via sparkfun or third party people

-Engage both electrically and software

-Well made and popular

-Versatile: works with arduino, raspberry pi, or own custom platforms


-Need some understanding of electronics

-Need extra items; Breadboard, wires, solder iron, etc

-Not color coordinated

-Not always intuitive

-Modules may not be reusable

Photo: Screen shot from Little bits website
Little Bits:


-Lots of Modules

-Lots of software documentation

-Engage more in software

-Well made and popular

-Color Coordinated


-Easy connectability

-Don’t need to understand electronics as much

-Don’t need extra parts; Breadboard, wires, solder iron, etc



-Does not engage teaching in the technical electrical side as much

-can be really bulky prototypes

-Software is not regular programming language

“Update saw that Little bits does integrate Arduino. Still not primary focus”

Overall Suggestion:

If you are a teacher or parent of a elementary or middle schooler and want them to learn about some electrical engineering or software development Little Bits is best.

Once your kid is in middle school to highschool to get more complex prototypes and smaller inventions spark fun modules will be the next step.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Little bits or Sparkfun just the Amazon Affiliate program. I may get paid if you click on my links and buy things from Amazon which will help this blog/tech company keep going.

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