Mancation Day 1

Mancation Day 1 with guys from church.

I got invited to go on a three day weekend out in Lone Pine, CA and off roading out in the mountains, hiking, and cave mine exploring.

First part we stopped at Alabama hills, CA and it was gorgeous. It made me want to have my quadcopter fixed for this trip. Below if you click is an Amazon link for the DJI Mavic Air

The cactuses were blooming while we hiked to a small secret water fall. Just beautiful like things.

Out in the desert and we get to see a tinee waterfall.

Above is a picture of the mountains from ontop of the water fall above. Neat rock formations.

Next place we went to was an abandoned mine and we decided to drive into it. I have gone through mines and caves before but never drove into them.

The last picture is of the ghost heads of the mine. It was pitch dark in there that you can’t see each other or your own hand with out light. Pretty intense experiencing pitch dark place.

Above is a continuous sphere shot doing a hack with the stich together algorithm of the 3D sphere mode.

Ended the day at camp around a fire. Having a blast and can’t wait to find out what is in store for tomorrow.

Shot all my photos with the Google Pixel below which I have enjoyed.

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