Something caught my eye with DJI Mavic Pro and its sibling DJI Mavic Pro Platinum.  What was interesting is the flight time between the two drones and how they drive their motors.

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First lesson on circuits. Check it out or share with those that would like to learn about electronics design.

Initial Development of a Medical Device: Check out my blog about the initial steps toward a #medical #device that will eventually save lives. #Arduinio #Nano #HeartRate #DIY #Tech #electronics #Savinglives

Accelerometer Tutorial #3: Arduino Self-Balancer

Tiny9 presents the Arduino Self-Balancer just using an Arduino Nano, a servo, and the Tiny9 LIS2HH12 Module. Step 1: Self-Balancer In actuation systems for automated drones, hover boards, segways, etc. there is an accelerometer that helps the micro-controller tell motor or servo know what to do. In the case of hover boards and segways they... Continue Reading →

Mancation Day 1

Mancation Day 1 with guys from church. I got invited to go on a three day weekend out in Lone Pine, CA and off roading out in the mountains, hiking, and cave mine exploring. First part we stopped at Alabama hills, CA and it was gorgeous. It made me want to have my quadcopter fixed... Continue Reading →


Taking a three day weekend with guys from my church. I have never been to Alabama hills, California before. As we get to the camp site this is the type of scenery we are seeing. I should have brought a drone to get some top down shots. This place is beautiful. Will continue to update... Continue Reading →

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